Cervical Health



The key is early diagnosis

Cervical cancer deaths are nearly always preventable with early diagnosis through Pap test and treatment of pre-cancerous lesions.

A Pap test is a painless screening test that removes cells from your cervix.

The main risk factor for cervical cancer is having Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection from sexual contact.

In the United States, Pap smear screening is recommended starting around 21 years of age until the age of 65. Guidelines on frequency vary from every three to five years. If results are abnormal, and depending on the nature of the abnormality, the test may need to be repeated in six to twelve months. If the abnormality requires closer scrutiny, the patient may be referred for detailed inspection of the cervix by colposcopy. The woman may also be referred for HPV DNA testing, which can serve as an adjunct to Pap testing. Additional biomarkers which may be applied as ancillary tests with the Pap test are evolving.

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