How to have a great Alaskan picnic

How to have a great Alaskan picnic

National Picnic Month

July is national picnic month, and this is a month of particular pleasure for Alaskans as we are often spend a lot of time outside enjoying nature, fishing, camping and engaging in the many other outdoor activities that Alaskan summers have to offer. For us, this sweet summer month is often the warmest of the year and the perfect time to invite friends out to the beach. In doing so we are taking part in a tradition with a lengthy history.

The roots of modern picnics are over 1,000 years old. The earliest examples of picnicking in the West can be traced back to 16th Century France. And picnicking has been much appreciated in literature,  cinema,  and modern art. So, if you are inspired by the warm weather, and the potential for a truly sweet time with family or friends, we dedicate this blog and the tools below to you.

Ideas to Take Your Picnic From Good to Great

Here are 30 brilliant picnic hacks. Buzzfeed has several great articles on picnicking including how to have the most delightful picnic of all time, some clever camping tricks that can be purposed for picnicking, and some very solid recipes to take your picnic to the next level.

Interested in a healthy solution to traditional picnic foods? Here are some healthier picnic recipes  and an article on WebMD that includes popular picnic foods to avoid.

Finally, you don’t have to stay home or go to the country to have a picnic. You can also travel abroad to some of the coolest urban picnic spots in the world.

The Top Ten Health Benefits of Your Next Picnic

Still not sure a picnic is for you? Hold on! Throwing a picnic can be great for your health, too! Check out this article on the top ten health benefits of having a picnic. They include family bonding, stress relief, and boosting your mood. So, get out while you can, invite your friends, join us in celebrating National Picnic Month, and Get Screened!  

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