Get Your Garden Growing

Get Your Garden Growing

Spring is in the air! Or at least, deep within the ground as our northern world embraces the ever-increasing light. Now is the time to start planning (and planting) the seeds from which good gardens grow. The CDC has found has that gardening programs have a positive effect on families – especially because kids with gardens eat more veggies.

Veggies, Herbs, Salads & Flowers For You!

Southcentral Foundation’s Health Education Department hosts an annual “Get Your Garden Growing” events in Anchorage and in select remote villages. These events allow participants to customize free seedling cups that grow inside until it is warm enough to re-plant them outside in late May or early June.

Have you always wanted to grow a garden but never have? Has it been a few years since you harnessed the fresh air, physical strength and nutritious power of your own garden? Attend a “Get Your Garden Growing Event,” choose your seedlings, and watch them grow! You’ll be glad you did. Attend an event or for more information call (907) 729-2689 or visit the Health Education website.

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