Happy Heart Health Valentine!

Happy Heart Health Valentine!

Do you know that February is heart health month? Heart health month celebrates the heart in all of us and promotes positive steps we can take to have healthy hearts. Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in America. Every year 1 in 4 deaths is caused by heart disease, but there are easy, achievable steps we can take to overcome these scary statistics. 

Heart Health is really about awareness and education.  Enjoy these family friendly heart health articles:

9 Great Heart Health Exercises

5 Things to do Daily to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Do you have a senior or elder in your life? Here are some easy ways to incorporate heart health into a weekly schedule: 4 Weekly Activities to For Senior Heart Health

45 Healthy Valentines Treats for Kids

Healthy Heart activities are often attributed to and designed for older populations. But teaching our children how to have good heart health is essential for the wellbeing of the next generation. Here are some awesome Healthy Heart Valentines Activities for Kids 

And last but not least, Get Screened! Here’s a guide: Your Healthy Screening Guide for Every Decade

So, here’s to you, and your heart!

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