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Back to School

Back to School the Healthy Way

Back to School

Back to School Immunizations and Nutrition 

Fall is an exciting time in Alaska: changing seasons, hunting, fishing, trading the long light of summer for crisp fall evenings, and the promise of going back to school. The Alaska Breast & Cervical Health Partnership supports the many students of all ages who will be going back to school and engaging in the learning process. Two important aspects of education that all students face are immunizations and proper nutrition. Immunizations protect the student and the student body from common illnesses and diseases and proper nutrition enables students to learn more fully and have better brain function.

Immunization Schedule:

State of Alaska Immunization Recommendations and Clinics 

For a great resource on back to school wellness, visit the State of Alaska’s page. In addition to the CDC’s immunization schedule, our partners at the State of Alaska are specifically focusing on measles and the recent measles outbreak which has grown to include 30 states including Alaska. Not sure where to get your immunizations? Here’s a list of public health centers statewide.

Back to School Nutrition 

Optimum school nutrition begins with a healthy breakfast  and also includes a healthy lunch. Here are some other healthy lunch ideas.

Would you like to be a positive influence for students in your community?

You can get involved and make a difference in a student’s life by, volunteering with the United Way’s school programs, joining a student donation drive  or supporting AARP’s innovative Experience Corps which places senior citizens directly in classrooms to transform education. Also, here are seven ways that you can support students in your community.

Back to School Adjustments 

The back to school transition can be challenging for both parents and students. Here is a solid resource on preparing for the new year. And here are 12 tips from the Mayo Clinic.

Going back to school is an exciting and challenging time. With the proper nutrition, a focus on student well-being, and healthy immunizations you (or the student in your life) can enjoy a successful new school year. Do you have ideas or suggestions on how to make the back to school process better or easier? We’d love to hear from you

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