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When Should You Get Your First Mammogram from

Some Doctors are Giving Mammogram Advice that Could Hurt Women from

Breast cancer in younger women tends to be a more aggressive cancer, researchers say, because it’s often diagnosed later, is farther along when found and insurance companies set minimum ages on mammograms, which can deter detection. In addition, because the numbers are relatively small, some doctors don’t always jump to cancer as a conclusion in younger women.

KTVA: … Carpenter said the club gives voice to the unique concerns of young adults with cancer but it also emphasizes living life and having fun. Members, who now number more than 100, have a Facebook page and meet weekly. There are also numerous outings.

Carpenter said she likes to get people outdoors so they can experience the healing power of nature.

Mapping genetic differences in breast cancer can improve care for underserved populations

Largest cancer genomics study to date of women of African ancestry highlights molecular features that could be targeted to reduce the breast cancer mortality gap.

A great article of hope from : If I write one sentence that gives another cancer survivor hope then it is worth it.


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