How does an Alaska Garden Grow?

How does an Alaska Garden Grow?

Your Complete Guide to Gardening in Alaska 

Summer is gardening season in Alaska. This is the time of year that gardens are beginning to grow across the state, and hopeful gardeners are planting seeds that will bear fruit in fall time harvests. If you’ve never had a garden of your own, you may be surprised to learn that gardening is great for your mental health, helps with chronic pain, and improves your diet.  Plus, gardening is super family friendly.

Gardening in the north does present special challenges, but the results can be very beneficial. And there are many resources available. For instance, did you know you can use microclimates in your yard to improve your chances for a bountiful yield?  For the audio learners among us, here is a series of radio shows about gardening in the north.

For those who appreciate knowing the best time to plant, we recommend this Alaska gardening almanac. And this is an expansive general resource on gardening from the National Gardening Association.

Finally, from our home in Alaska, comes a homegrown resource from Alaska Master Gardeners  and a page of their recommend tips.

How does your community garden grow? With your help, of course! 

Many times, and for many reasons, people don’t have the yard space to grow a garden. That’s where the community garden movement comes in.  Not sure if your community has a garden? Drop us a line and we’ll help you research it! Here are some community gardens in hubs across the state:

Anchorage Community Gardens

Juneau Community Garden 

Fairbanks Community Garden  

Bethel Community Garden  

Utqiagvik Community Test Garden

Growing things isn’t all fruits and vegetables. 

Beneficial plants can make a big difference in your yard, and they can even help drive away mosquitos.  And did you know that wild roses are easy to find, easy to transplant and also carry the benefit of being edible? Finally, some plants come back every season. They are called perennials. Here are three Alaska tough perennials to add to your garden.

So, there you have it – a beginner’s deep dive into Alaska gardening. Garden well, be well, and while you are at it, don’t forget to Get Screened! 

P.S. A Delicious Early Summer Dessert!

The great thing about a garden is all the delicious things you can make and eat. Rhubarb is one of the fastest growing edibles in Alaska. Take advantage of this hardy plant by creating a sweet treat for the entire family based on this recipe from the New York Times.

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