Winter has come to Alaska. Now is the time to stay active, get involved in your community, and concentrate on good health. So, whether it’s taking more Vitamin D, attending a high school basketball game, or simply taking more breaks, we’ve built this guide of winter fun just for you. 

Things to do Across Alaska


Argentine tango Tuesdays 

Beach Party Social Dance

9th Annual Soup Off

Wilderness First Aid Course 

Southcentral Alaska 

These evening hikes begin December 20 and run through September. They are well-suited to beginners and families. 

Aivaq and Nanuq are Alaska Native words for Walrus and Polar Bear. Check out this exhibit by Northern Artists on these two special animals. 

Avalanche Awareness Class

Women’s Cross Country Skiing Basics 

Lunch and Learn Basic Compass Skills

Urban Emergency Preparedness Class 

Becoming an Outdoors Woman Winter Workshop

Sitka (these are from the Sitka Community Calendar)

Senior Walking Class

Skate Night  

Sitka Christmas Bird Count 

Open Sewing Class 


Level 1 Avalanche Course 

Luna Fest – Films by, for, and about women 

Weekly Ukulele Jam 

International Folk Dance


Drawing Class for Shy People 

Kodiak’s Got Talent

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